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Like a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, only subtle

I love Wine Access because they make everything sound like a James Suckling fever dream.

"This is thrilling, racy stuff, clean and sharp as glass. Explosive keffir lime and yuzu aromatics give way to a sinuous, kinetic texture on the palate, wired with electric acidity."

Who's wired with electric acid?

Back on planet Earth:

New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs get a bad rap, sometimes deservedly. They can come off as drinkable SweetTarts, impossibly puckersome and fruity. Too easy, too brash.

This one, by Cirro, comes off as subtler, the fruits present but subdued and the acid well-behaved. Behind it all I get a delightful dry hay. I imagined a pushbroom nudging limes along the floor.

Yeah, I bought a case. $14 per. Did I mention that I love Wine Access?


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