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My Portfolio 

I've written dozens of travel stories over the years, for the Washington Post, GQ, and other newspapers, magazines, and websites. I write a lot about my adopted hometown, Washington, D.C., but have ventured from Wickenburg, Arizona to Moscow. I've also written and created social and video content about food and drink. Here's a sampling. 

How I finally found a cure for seasickness that lets me cruise without fear, Travel Awaits

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia: Wet and Mild, GoWorld Travel

Why an e-bike is the best way to take in the National Mall, Travel Awaits

Cocktail lounges that could exist only in Washington, D.C., Travel Awaits

Mother Russia, Uncle Yakov: Getting to know the red sheep in the family, Denver Post 

Louisville's in-town bourbon trail, Travel Awaits

The Berkeley City Club Hotel: "Little Hearst Castle," yours for $200 a night, EatDrinkGo 

A wet weekend in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (video) 

Guesting with Merv: Horsing around at Merv Griffin's luxe dude ranch, Washington Post 

Divine Madness: The unsettling magic of Barcelona, Washington Post

Kid-o-Rama, guidebook, co-author, 2002  

Food and drink   

I hit a wall tasting wine. They I tried it under hypnosis, Washington Post 

Patty O's, world-class culinary DNA at a price that won't gut your wallet, Savory Traveler

11 types of cocktail glasses, explained, Tasting Table

Three Great Wineries in Paso Robles, California (video)

I post about food and drink on Instagram, as @eatdrinkgoguy


A Measured Spirit, my cocktail blog (paused)



How I became the first person at the Washington Post to meet Jeff Bezos, Washingtonian 

Craig Stoltz and son in St. Petersburg, Russia

In St. Petersburg, Russia, on the trail of a great-great uncle -- who happened to be Vladimir Lenin's right-hand man during the Revolution. 

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