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About ME

Hi there. I'm Craig Stoltz, author and creator of all the content you find here. My mission is simple: to use my long experience as a travel and lifestyle journalist to make it easy for you to make make smart decisions about eating, drinking, and going places. 


How I got here  

I don't want to say my entire life has been pointing me in this direction, but...well, I guess I just did. 


I was editor of The Washington Post's travel section for three glorious years. My dozens of travel stories on locations as diverse as Moscow and Cleveland have been widely republished. 

I've written for dozens of Washington and national publications, including Esquire, GQ, Washingtonian, and USA Weekend, on topics including TV-star activism, charity balls, and wild-game dinners.

I've been a cocktail blogger, in A Measured Spirit [since paused], with contributions published in

My emerging technology blog, Web 2.oh...really? [also shuttered!] was named a Top 25 blog. I was the Washington Post's founding personal technology editor, performed as talent on its defunct radio station, and helped develop its early digital products.


I've worked for or consulted to various technology start-ups, including work for PBS and Gannett.  

I'm a foodie who cooks, a wine geek who isn't a dick, and a cocktail nerd who knows way too much about that delicate art and craft. My lovely wife and I take biking vacations around the world, and we can often be found on weekends visiting various wineries in the mid-Atlantic region, restaurants, distilleries, parks, B&Bs, and other places we're lucky to be able to enjoy.

Way back when my kids were small, I co-authored a guidebook of things to do in Washington, D.C. called Kid-o-Rama.


My lovely wife says I am now doing Adult-o-Rama.

I gotta say, as in most things, my wife is right. 

See my portfolio.

Drop me a line

I'm always looking for ideas, comments, gigs, connections, partners, sponsors, side hustles, brain showers, and kind words from afar. Find me at  

First drink's on me. 


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Craig Stoltz, author of Eat Drink Go Smart, the travel, food, and drinks blog.
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