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3 Best Wineries in Paso Robles, California

I just got back from Paso Robles, California, an up-and-coming wine region that's a kind of antipode to Napa Valley: lower-key, lower-cost, and more authentic and generous in its winemaking and its culture.

While downtown Paso is still a small town trying to find its bootstraps, it's starting to get some restaurants and accommodations that make a visit more fun and comfortable.

Tips for Paso Robles travel

I've done the research for you: If you're planning a trip, or want to, I've identified 3 wineries that represent different vibes, and styles of wine, you'll find in Paso. The video has all the details.

The top 3 wineries in Paso Robles

  • Big and sophisticated: Daou

  • Fun and frisky: Cass

  • Small, artisinal, farming- and winemaking-based: Alta Colina

You'll find details on our visits, with tips for your visit, in the video.

3 more great wineries in Paso Robles

We visited a bunch of other wineries too, and can recommend these:

  • Tablas Creek: biodynamic, environmental farming with good educational presentation

  • Halter: Great tasting room on a huge property owned by a wealthy conservationist smart enough to hire a great winemaker

  • Justin: An early Paso player gone national and huge, with slick production values in its downtown and vineyard tasting rooms

Best restaurant in Paso Robles

Paso's never been known for its fine dining, but it now has its first great restaurant: Les Petites Canailles, launched by a scion of Paso wine legend who trained in France and with some of the great French chefs, and has returned to Paso.

His small, fun, sophisticated bistro downtown has elevated Paso's dining game.

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